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    Dragon book club " dragon" in 2018 No. 10 (total 100 )

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    Dragon book club " dragon" in 2018 No. 10 (total 100 )

    " dragon" in 2018 No. 10 (total 100 )

    A Chun Xue amorousfeelings(Outer six)


    Huang Xingming,lushan,henan


     ShaanxiXi 'an snow flower again today, instantly the whole Yuan Ye silver jade buildby laying bricks or stones.


     All things mu yang makeup is not strong,

     Chun Xue enchanting ten thousand kinds offeeling.

     Black tile green wall with holy makeup,

     Wheat seedling bamboo covered yarn light.

     On the Tang poems bursts of jade butterfly,

     Across the song lyrics coagulation elementframe.

     The feeling of smoke but up,

     Noisy  street to quiet spirit.


     Impromptu on March 4, 2018


    huanxi sand /Huaixiang


     Looking forward to the spring breeze caressessoft willow,

     Which know cold attack yang flocculant thick.

     The wind and snow bone prick through.


     Independent qinchuan hope zhongzhou,

     Qinling shielding heart difficult to accept.

     Huaixiang affection by who pay?


    March snow


     Jiangnanalready spent brilliant,

     The north isstill Zhou tianhan.

     The snow isstill like the day before,

     Catkin feltagain last night.

     A fur coatfeels cold, a cotton mat flimsy,

     The airconditioning sound swallow fire list.

     All call springinfinite beauty,

     Snow decoratedpeach blossom more jiao Yan.

     18.03.06in Xi 'an


      Separation home


     The taste ofthe year is strong family,

     Endure to seechildren and grandchildren in accordance with the house door.

     The wind wokeup green spring has arrived,

     North Qinling without reason.


    the last days of winter




     Mulberrycatalpa school yangchunjing,

     Exotic snowcontinued the winter.

     The world ishot with who asked?

     In thewanderer's mind.



    Mountain dwelling


     Long living in fairy mountain, often hearbirds sing, frequency see castle peak sunset, leisure through the scroll,linfeng chanting songs, empty heart, look comfortable, like a way half fairyalso.  Because of fu "mountain" to lyric bosom.

     Magpie call me high branches,

     Open window red day has three rod.

     No ink screen four new,

     No strings guqin wan October.

     Watching the flowers bloom in front of thecliff,

     Diffuse with outer cloud Shu volume.

     Partition the noisy quiet mind,

     Evening CDH leaning loose poetry.

     In Tashan mountain, Shaanxi province



    Insects awaken


    Spring thunder began to sound dormant insectsurprised,

     All thingsrevive the plants.

     Peach Li BaiHuang yingti,

     The air warmsand thaws the farmers.

     Cantonesesacrifice tiger to eliminate evil,

     Jin to eat pearkang ning.

     A year's planspring early,

     The wind lifegrain abundant.


    Insects awaken18


    The poet's nature(Outer five)


    HenanLushan reserved love


     Romantic witgood graffiti,

     Before springcomes, flowers are announced.

     It is too earlyto fill in that word poem,

     Static pooledge willow bud.


    Winter songs


     Chariots andhorses flow through the window,

     The strangeworld is desolate.

     Were it not forthe children to be locked in their hearts,

     Early Xu Zenbody day side.


    " looking at the moon by the window"


    In the middle of the night wake up hazy month,

     Wear clothesagainst the window to admire the cold star.

     Long day tofind a good eyes,

     Fly light bodywide cold palace.


    " courtyard idle songs"


     Last night theautumn frost stained the corner hedge,

     Yellow flowersmile since hairpin appearance.

     Linchi don'tcry summer lotus,

     Stationarycourtyard wintersweet branch.


    " he nephew weddingexultation"


     A salute surprised spring night,

     A few wisp of flowers hairpin with.

     The way to ten thousand happy today,

     Lang talented woman looks in the same boat.


    " view the neighbor tomarry a woman"


     East neighbor today marry a woman,

     A night like light red.

     Smell gun half street wake up,

     Have view color to meet.


    Reading the inscription of godze Outerfour


     Yaoshan, Lushan, Henan


     Bow in thehinterland open tongmeng,

     Sagittal teachze poor life.

     A despicablestill save patriotic ambition,

     Son xian Xisaid Wen Xiong.

     Lu gong is illbook to remember,

     See characterzhi fu monument.

     Ting taieliminates pine and cypress trees,

     There is a namein a place without a name.


    Old garden


     Drizzly snowfall yaoshan,

     Ice carved jadebuild by laying bricks or stones mountain.

     How manyflowers are missing.

     The cuckoo isdry in that SPR,

     Spring flowersand Yan.


    It is often advisable to put a lookout at highaltitude,

     Naturaltransformation of wind and objects.

     Spring, summer,autumn and winter,

     Clear yourmind, good time,

     Raise a glassto show a smile.


    Springfestival book bosom


     Far road slightly diffuse smoke,

     The law back to the age of the new year.

     Half satisfied know what's the matter?

     Nothing sigh shame Yan;

     It's been a long time,

     Don't want to cleverly flatter people before;

     Know a few stupid hard to enter the WTO,

     Mountains and deep streams of blue.




     To learn Buddhism and Taoism in enlightenment,

     Everything is true.

     Solution to castle peak alone,

     Why not step by step through the world ofmortals.


    Thoughtson writing in the morning


     I have calligraphy,

     Morning try pen front;

     In the word nature is big,

     Feel empty heaven and earth.


    Thoughtson writing in the morning


     I have calligraphy,

     Morning try pen front;

     In the word nature is big,

     Feel empty heaven and earth.


    " on the twentieth dayof the first Month travel with songs" (Outer two )


    Li Guofu,Lushan , Henan


     The trip was in the middle of the spring,

     The drizzle touched the homesick.

     Although it's a team - by - team,

     Eventually for laoyan each road points.





     If a kite borrow spring breeze,

     Ren, north and south and west east.

     The relationship between that end of athousand miles,

     Bondage is nothing more than mulberry catalpa.




    " huanxi sand /classmates gathered feeling songs"


     Suddenly a little bit of frost,

     Thirty years all over the world.

     Dream a few remember light at this time.

     A Huan feast hate time is short,

     Half a glass of liquor hurts.

     And jun Shang again?

    2018/2/10Chinese soup junior high school


    " Ode towintersweet"( Outer eight)


     The years of Lushan mountain in Henan province remainfragrant


     Under the fine jade flocculant YaoTaiwan,

     Every yellow flower opens at night.

     I don't know the door foreign affairs sleep,

     Fragrance bursts through the window.


    Spring leaves fragrance


     Spring back tothe earth green spread out,

     Blue watercastle peak to lure Yan.

     Last night, theplum blossom is not seen today,

     Yu Xiang stillaround the windowsill.


    Spring thoughts


     The sun and thewind are strong in spring,

     Mountain greenwater show cuckoo red.

     Luyang beautylike fairyland,

     Hate don't meetin a foreign country.




     Spring back tothe earth apricot son open,

     Willow green mountainviolet Yan.

     Last night, theplum blossom is not seen today,

     Yu Xiang stillaround the windowsill.


    " yuanxiao night"


     Ying ying fullmoon hung Zhongtian,

     Thousands offamilies celebrate reunion.

     Fire treesilver flower drunk tonight,

     Red light, redwine, green words.


    Kite flying


     The sky is asbright as a willow,

     The wind andsuitable for kite.

     Pick upchildren's interest in the suburbs,

     Laughter a rayof joy.




     Spring back tothe earth grass cyanine,

     Green waterflat pond willow wind.

     Backyard Xinyiinfinite good,

     Plum blossom fall Haitang red.



    " chanting daffodils"


     Ying ying greenwater planted fairy charming,

     Jade makeuptable particularly demon.

     Until thespring flowers bloom,

     Bedroom burstsof dimfragrance gone with the wind.


    Insects awaken


     A drizzle carrythunder,

     Dark cloudslast night the wind.

     Is a day stunclear thousands of miles,

     Magnoliaflowers laughingly.


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